SSRLabs - Founder

Axel Kloth is the founder of Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. ('SSRLabs'). He is a highly accomplished individual who on multiple occasions has proven to be able to turn around companies and bring projects to fruition and ultimately to profitability. Axel has a proven track record of achievements. He has a vision for a company that is a technology innovator based on the principles of inventiveness, honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Axel Kloth - Founder, President & CEO

Axel is the Founder, President & CEO of Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. Prior to SSRLabs, he was tasked with implementing a private cloud for a highly customized CAD Design System with the goal to unify mechanical, thermal and electrical design for probe cards at FormFactor. This tool set was supposed to be driven by a work flow process, and once fully implemented, it was intended to feed into a BI System such that all work effort can be monitored in real-time. Preceding FormFactor, he was a founder, CTO and member of the executive management team of a Silicon Valley startup focused on real-time image and video analysis. For that startup, Parimics, he created the underlying architecture for and supervised the implementation of a massively parallel chipset targeted at image and video analysis in real-time. This was achieved by deploying parallel processors before Intel or even Google had discovered the need to go parallel. Other prior successes include the turnaround of a company that was considered a $36M loss to investors into a $394M acquisition target within less than a year. Axel convinced the Technical Advisory Board and subsequently the Board of Directors to strategically reorient the company. He was instrumental in designing, implementing and marketing the first CML-type transceivers designed for bulk CMOS, and the first fully functioning combined virtually output queued switch fabric.

He has over 20 years of experience in high performance computing, networking, fault tolerance, High Availability and low latency switching, as well as experience in architecting, designing and implementing large ASICs. He has been granted 8 U.S. patents in processor architectures, real-time image and video processing and analysis, in communications protocols and device architecture.

Axel was appointed to the Technical Advisory Boards of HotRail, Z-Force - which later became Attune Systems - and 3Tera (acquired by CA). He taught the CTO classes in the framework of the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program ("mini-MBA") at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). Axel finished his post-grad studies in physics at University of Kiel in Germany (CAU Kiel). His diploma thesis covered what has become the basic technology in High Intensity Discharge (HID) automotive headlights.

Axel is the inventor of SSRLabs' processor and memory architectures. His technical background was the basis for the technology behind SSRLabs' processors, memory, APIs and firmware.