SSRLabs - Company

Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. ('SSRLabs') develops and sells a family of massively parallel coprocessors with standard APIs and advanced HMC-based memories to solve the "Big Data" and numerically intensive problems. These coprocessors work with a variety of standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs). SSRLabs' family of coprocessors improves floating-point computation and analysis of multi-dimensional datasets at substantially higher performance levels and lower power consumption compared to traditional processors.

The combination of coprocessors and standards-based application programming interfaces together with advanced memories enables linear scaling. This includes applications in data analysis including social data, financial modeling, analysis of unstructured data ("Big Data"), crash test simulations, weather forecast, business process management and optimization (BPM/BPO) as well as business intelligence (BI). High power consumption and excess heat generation are major challenges in Data Centers and High Performance Compute (HPC) applications. Our coprocessors and APIs as well as advanced HMC-based memories address this challenge.

SSRLabs' solutions are a game changer and a paradigm shift. This is particularly true if new memories - faster, denser, higher bandwidths, lower latency, more open pages - are considered. Our solution is a disruptive improvement over any competitor in "Big Data". It allows in-memory "Big Data" analytics at a scale and performance unseen and unthinkable today. While our coprocessor architecture does not require an unobtainable new process technology to be fabricated, it will displace existing "Big Data" solutions, whether they are software or hardware or a combination of both.

Our accelerators work with all major single- and multi-core host processors from Intel (x86-64), AMD, ARM, MIPS and any member of the IBM POWER processor family. The memories can be deployed with our coprocessors or any other HMC-enabled processor.

SSRLabs is located on the Peninsula close to the heart of Silicon Valley and at the same time a stone's throw from San Francisco with its thriving startup scene, with access to the world's leading research, technology, talent and customers.

The company was founded in June of 2011. SSRLabs is a privately held California C-Corporation.