SSRLabs - Careers and Internship Openings

Contacting SSRLabs for Employment and Internships

SSRLabs currently has no internship openings.

If you want to be considered for a position or an internship at SSRLabs you must follow these steps.

  • Create a CV, convert it to PDF and name it 'CV_{firstname}_{lastname}.pdf'.
  • Create a cover letter, convert it to PDF and name it 'Cover_Letter_{firstname}_{lastname}.pdf'.
  • Submit your CV with the cover letter in PDF format only to recruitment at or send us a one-page CV with a one-page cover letter to our mailing address.

  • Please make sure to name your CV and cover letter appropriately as we receive a very large number of CVs on a weekly basis. We require that you name your CV 'CV_{firstname}_{lastname}.pdf' and your cover letter 'Cover_Letter_{firstname}_{lastname}.pdf' to avoid any confusion and ambiguity. If you cannot follow the above simple steps properly we will assume that you will not thrive within SSRLabs.

    Do not - under any circumstance - send us a scan of an important document such as a passport, an EAD card, a visa or any other document that has private information about you on it via email.

    We look at each and every CV submitted, without having to resort to screening by an external agency. All résumés submitted to SSRLabs will become our property. We may or may not archive them for future use. We will not sell those résumés. If we cannot place you but know who might be able to use your talent, we will ask you for permission to share your CV. Submitting your résumé to our HR indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth.

    Please understand that at this point in time we cannot sponsor work visas. You must possess the legal right to work in the US.

    Principals only, please. We currently cannot accept résumés from agencies. We receive well over 100 calls or emails on a weekly basis, and therefore we simply cannot check if the call or email originates from a principal or an agency. If as an agency you send us a résumé you agree that you will not charge us for that introduction in any way. If you are an agency and you (or your contact center) call or email us, we assume that all services you provide are free in perpetuity. If you are an agency, you agree to our terms and conditions if you send a CV to us, if you call us, or if you offer your services to us, even if you have not read these terms or conditions.