SSRLabs - Executive Management

SSRLabs' Executive Management is an accomplished team that has proven on multiple occasions that it can successfully build a company and team from the ground up, can execute towards the vision of the founder, bring a project to the finish line on time and on budget, and fulfill market needs.

SSRLabs cannot disclose all positions yet.

Axel Kloth, President & CEO

Axel Kloth

Since the inception of SSRLabs Axel Kloth has been its President and Chief Executive Officer. Axel has correctly predicted the rise of parallel processing, has pointed out the lack of scalability in current processor architectures, the Intel Xeon Phi mayhem and the failed buildout of Tianhe-2. He has predicted that the new #1 (Sunway TaihuLightSunlight) would not deploy Intel processors or Intel accelerators and was the first scientist to suggest a CNN for AI and Deep Learing as well as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), as evidenced by his patents. His previous accomplishments as a founder and member of the executive management team of a Silicon Valley startup, Parimics, include the successful introduction of parallel processing for real-time video and image analysis. At Parimics, he created the underlying architecture for and supervised the implementation of a massively parallel chipset targeted at image and video analysis in real-time. This was achieved by deploying parallel processors before Intel and the rest of the semiconductor industry discovered the need to go parallel. Before that, he was instrumental in turning around a startup from a $36M loss into a $394M acquisition target within 10 months (bulk CMOS CML transceivers and a CVOQ'ed switch fabric). He has proven that he can build and retain teams and help them get to the finish line. Axel can be reached at axel.kloth at

NN, Vice President Business and Ecosystem Development

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NN, Vice President Marketing and Sales

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NN, Vice President Finance and CFO

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