SSRLabs - Board of Directors

The members of SSRLabs' Board of Directors are accomplished individuals who have successfully built great teams with a long history of successes in Silicon Valley. The Board is governed by a very strong Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Axel Kloth, Chairman

Axel Kloth is the Chairman of the BoD. He founded and funded SSRLabs to break the mold on how we do HPC and Big Data today as it simply does not work with established technology. Current systems do not allow us to forecast the weather or climate with any accuracy past 5 days, nor do they enable computational microbiologists to make personalized medicine a reality. The list of shortcomings is long, and we need to do something about it. Axel has proven to break paradigms, solve the alleged impossible, and made a lot of people very rich. He has been the President of the Board of a 91-unit Home Owners' Association (HOA) in Silicon Valley for six years, presiding over that HOA that was faced with financial disaster and led it through a successful legal settlement and directed and supervised a $1.7M rehabilitation project.

NN, Director

We will disclose this Director soon.

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