SSRLabs - Affiliations

SSRLabs is a member of a variety of standards committees and consortia

  • SSRLabs is proudly associated with the GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance).
  • We are a working member of the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium.
  • SSRLabs is a member of JEDEC.
  • Partners

  • We are working with other IP and solution providers to help our customers identify industry leaders and reliable suppliers of specialized IP that we do not offer. When it comes to USB we have found that MCCI is a top choice in quality.
  • As a startup we rely on MOSIS to get access to IC fabrication services. Without the service that MOSIS provides many startups would not be able to afford IC projects.
  • Some of our infrastructure is hosted offsite. Our web site is hosted by Hurricane Electric in Fremont, CA.